Manage It !

18 07 2007

Yes ! I just received it !

Following my review of Manage It ! (which, by the way, was at this time called ”Successful Project Management”), PragProg Lords sent me a paper version of the book :). Timing is excellent as I’ll be able to read it again during my vacations.

This book is really really a pure diamond. Easy and fun to read, and as usually full of war stories. Reading it, you’ll face a lot of “Aha!” moments (i.e. you’ll think: “Wow … how can I have not already doing this ?”), to sum-up a really pragmatic book ;)

The author describes the different steps of a project life cycle ( Starting a project, Planning a project, Using Life Cycle to design your project, Estimating the Work … ) in a more than clear, simple (in a good way), and pragmatic way, without imposing any tool, with only a good amount of common sense… a must-read for all (wanabe) Project Managers.



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