What are Apex COINS?

Apex Legends Free Coins.

Apex Coins (AC) are Apex Legends’ real-money microtransaction currency. You can get 1,000 AC for $9.99, with bonus AC coming along with higher-priced bundles like 2,150 for $19.99 or 4,350 for $39.99.

You can also use Apex Coins to buy specific loot items. Everything you can buy with Apex Coins, you can also buy with Crafting Materials or find inside of Apex Packs. Legendary items cost 1,800 AC (about $18). You can buy characters with Apex Coins, too. Mirage and Caustic each cost 750 AC (about $7.50).

You can use Apex Coins to purchase Apex Packs (which cost 100 AC per pack and are effectively cosmetic loot boxes). Apex Packs give you a chance to earn various types of loot.

What are they good for?

The following procedures will help you to achieve this noble objective:


Step I: Visit the free Apex Coins online generator website

While at the site, key in the details of your registered account. Alternatively, you may also enter the registered Roblox username.

Step II: Specify the amount of free Apex Coins and the tickets which you may want

to generate.

Step III: Click the ‘start generator’ button. You will have to wait for a few minutes to let it generate the attendant benefits of free Apex Coins generator.

Step IV: Your Apex Coins reward will be automatically and directly loaded into your Roblox account.


Now than you obtained the bare minimum information you require to get started well in the free Apex Coins generator. We are now pretty confident that you can obtain the benefits of the game conveniently.

Why don’t you now go ahead and make good use of it?